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Ancient Greek: "kinesis" (κίνησις) movement or change.
It comes from the verb "kineo", which means "to move" or "to set in motion" means. In a broader sense, "kinesis" refers to any form
of movement, be it physical or metaphorical.

Welcome to "Kinesis: A Journey in Motion", a captivating, interactive and digital exhibition that pushes the boundaries of traditional art. Immerse yourself in the world of digital animations on displays that evolve displays that come to life, interactive spaces that react to your and art that captures the essence of constant change.

Discover a unique art hub in the vibrant heart of Berlin, where contemporary contemporary digital art sets new standards. Let yourself be carried away by a sphere where the boundaries between reality and illusion blur, while light, sound and blurred, while light, sound and movement create a fascinating spectacle.

Embark on an impressive journey through groundbreaking immersive art art that creates creative illusions in 21 areas, 9 immersive installations, 40 artists and creative illusions in over 90 artworks.

Experience the flowing narrative where every digital creation and interactive element interactive element seamlessly merge and invite you to be become an integral part of this kinetic journey. "Kinesis" invites you you to experience the beauty of art in motion, where the boundaries blurred between viewer and artwork and a truly dynamic and dynamic and immersive encounter.



40 artists
21 areas
9 installations
90 minutes

Gallery address

Potsdamer Strasse 61

10785 Berlin-Schoeneberg

Public transportation

U Mendelssohn Bartholdy Park

U Bülowstrasse

U Kurfürstenstrasse

Attention! Special opening hours:



Location: P61, Potsdamerstraße 61, 10785 Berlin 

IMPORTANT! The tickets for the coming weekend are almost completely gone. It's best to reserve your ticket now. 

✔ 100% Free Cancellation until 24h before the event
✔ Guaranteed admission & No waiting

✔ Free e-ticket sent to your email

✔ Secure payment processing and default protection

✔ Music included

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"Kinesis: A Journey in Motion" is a captivating, interactive digital exhibition in Berlin that pushes the traditional boundaries of art. Visitors are immersed in a world of digital animations, responsive spaces and ever-changing art. The art hub in the heart of Berlin offers an immersive journey through 21 areas, 9 immersive installations and over 90 artworks by 40 artists, creating creative illusions and blurring the boundaries between reality and illusion.


MO/TU/WE/TH 12:00 - 20:00

FR 12:00 - 00:00

SA 10:00 - 00:00

SU 10:00 - 20:00​

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